Who's worked with any front-end framework? Vue, Angular, React, Backbone an …

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Who's worked with any front-end framework? 

Vue, Angular, React, Backbone and likes.

Let's discuss what makes you love them than the conventional jQuery we started out with.

I'm an addict of Vue.is and I can't love it less. So simple than the others (IMHO) and for it being component based and its single file component, gives it an edge over The others (at least to me). Sometimes (even most times), I build components and plugins for some functionality that I needed myself, and sometimes I fund it so easily and adding to my project is just a simple npm install. 

Compared with jQuery, I will say they are both masters in their lanes but can still be compared as they are manipulating the DOM. jQuery is quite easy to learn and has rich plugin and developer ecosystem and it's super easy to as well, one thing I can't do with jQuery is base all my web app on it, it is possible but not super feasible. With Vue.js, I care less about jQuery as the DOM is at my fingertip, better events, and watchers, and I have partial rendering. Have I mentioned, I can debug with ease using the official plugin, state management SPA and PWA ready apps, with Vue's webpack template, I use ES6 on the fly.

Only those that have tried it will understand. jQuery has its place and Vue does as well. A master knows all the tools and which to use when a problem arises.



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