About Us

We are team of extremely rugged African Developers mostly Nigerians that set out to be the best technology company out there one day. We know it is tough but we aim beyond the sky, that is just what we are all about.

Our Mission

To create economic opportunities for Africa and the world so people have better lives.

Our Plan

Put our community first. Inspire a boundless future of work. Build amazing teams.

Our Vision

To connect businesses with great talent first in Africa to work without limits.


While it is true that that we provide technology services, our services are stream-lined to some specific areas.

Website Design

We design top-notch websites that fit into various sectors be it banking, fashion, stores, fintech etc

Website Development

We develop websites with php, python, node.js, vue.js, react, C#, mysql, mongodb, bootstrap, sass, less e.t.c

Mobile App Dev

We develop both native and hybrid mobile applications using an array of languages and technologies available

Chrome Plugin Dev

We develop google chrome plugins tailor-made for your services. The number of google chrome users are increasing daily.

Desktop Applications

We can design custom-made desktop applications for you that can even sync with your web-application if you have one.

Block-chain Experts

We offer advice on the strategic employment of blockchain technology based on a thorough analysis of your company's profile.

Hire Developers Today

Although Team Africoders is tough, relentless and skilled in many areas. We sometimes get overwhelmed with tasks therefore we decided to create a job portal so that opportunities can be created for more developers.

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Behind every software firm is usually a greet term, for Africoders it has been these guys right from way back.

Anthony Ogundipe

Chief Executive Officer

Dayo Okunfolami

Product Manager

Leke Ajayi


David Npoku

Cloud Services Consultant

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After all have been said and done, you might still wish to reach out to us.


Lagos, Nigeria

Phone Number

+234 7030 2907 46